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MUEMultimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering
MUEMulti User Environment
MUEMultimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (international conference)
MUEMulti-User Environment (computing)
MUEMusic Engineering (University of Miami, Florida)
MUEMedically Unlikely Edit
MUEMission Unique Electronics
MUEMission Unique Equipment
MUEMedical Use Evaluation
MUEMulti-Use Easement
MUEMeritorious Unit Emblem
MUEMulti-User Efficiency
MUEModification Unique Equipment
MUEModern/ized User Equipment
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S)] SINR of data channel for typical MUE and typical SUE [S.
For MUEs, whether DC mechanism is supported or not, the desired data and control signals will always share the same transmission distance expression and suffer from the same interference sets.
2, the serving links of MUEs and SUEs are quite different, especially when UEs are with DC capability.
Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, la funcion objetivo en (2) plantea minimizar la MUE a traves de todos los enlaces overlay.
En segundo lugar se analiza la funcion MUE en el nivel IP/MPLS.
Teniendo en cuenta lo anterior, la funcion objetivo en (8) plantea minimizar la MUE en todos los enlaces del nivel fisico que transportan flujos para los nodos que conforman la MON:
Similarly, the SINR at MUE m associated with MBS M can be expressed as
m+1] where m is the number of neighboring FBSs close to the MUE and 1 is added to count for the single MBS in the network [17].
ii] are the channel coefficients between the MBS and its MUE, and between FBS i and its FUE, respectively, and [[sigma].
ij] denote the distance between MUE i and cluster j, which is defined as the shortest distance between MUE i and all elements of cluster j, that is, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where
To address this problem, researchers have investigated methods to reduce the interference between D2D receivers (D2DRs) and mUEs in cellular networks supporting D2D communication.
22] uses four resource groups to reduce the interference of mUEs and D2D links.