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MUFMaximum Usable Frequency
MUFMaterial Unaccounted For (nuclear industry)
MUFMulti-User Forth
MUFMaximum Urgency First
MUFModerata Ungdoms Förbundet
MUFModel Uncertainty Factor
MUFMoney up Front
MUFMake-Up Feed
MUFMollet Underground Foundation (band)
MUFMost Usable Frequency (DoD)
MUFMascot User's Forum
MUFMark Up Factor
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Kirschbaum MUF (2006) The temperature dependence of organic-matter decomposition still a topic of debate.
235]U in MUF, if present, would have nearly halved this number.
Incremental or sequential MUF occurs when a single-unit franchisee is awarded additional units based upon the performance of existing units.
Kirschbaum MUF, Bruhn D, Etheridge DM, Evans JR, Farquhar GD, Gifford RM, Paul KI, Winters AJ (2006) A comment on the quantitative significance of aerobic methane release by plants.
Box 2103, High Point, NC 27261 Tel: (336) 841-5111 Fax: (336) 885-7473 Synteko 1203 UF L Synteko 1205 UF L Synteko 1250 Pure MF/Structural L Synteko 1242 MUF L Synteko 3320, 3326, 3329 PVAc L Synteko 1983 EPI L Synteko 1984, 1985 EPI L Synteko Aqua Spray L Synteko 1711 PRF L ** Edgemate-Woodtape, 2300 Merrill Creek Pkwy.
The MUF is an independent community of MIMEsweeper customers, run by an independent committee, whose aim is to ensure that its subscribers get access to the information, knowledge, tools and people required to carry out their Content Security responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
Conant RT, Ryan MG, Agren GI, Birge HE, Davidson EA, Eliasson PE, Evans SE, Frey SD, Giardina CP, Hopkins FM, Hyvonen R, Kirschbaum MUF, Lavallee JM, Leifeld J, Parton WJ, Steinweg JM, Wallenstein MD, Martin Wetterstedt JA, Bradford MA (2011) Temperature and soil organic matter decomposition rates--synthesis of current knowledge and a way forward.
ALL AT SEA: Noah''s Arc from Mothercare PULL ALONG: Click Clack Dinosaur, from Mothercare GARDEN FUN: This outdoor activity centre is ideal for toddlers who love to explore CUBES: MUF Soft Cubes pounds 15, from Marks & Spencer ANIMAL MAGIC: Giraffes, RRP pounds 17, by Pintoy from John Crane Ltd
It doesn't matter that for me MUF is a puff and FAT are embarrassing - at least they are something and David was three at their beginning.
Gilead, NC 27306 Tel: (910) 439-6959 Fax: (910) 439-6431 Homanit UF, 9' Continuous MUF Multiple WestPine MDF, 140, 6325 Gateway Blvd.