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MUFModified Ultrafiltration (cardiology)
MUFMaximum Usable Frequency
MUFMaterial Unaccounted For (nuclear industry)
MUFMulti-User Forth
MUFMost Usable Frequency (US DoD)
MUFMusic Under Fire (website)
MUFMicrosoft Undocumented Feature
MUFMaximum Urgency First
MUFModerata Ungdoms Förbundet
MUFModel Uncertainty Factor
MUFMoney up Front
MUFMake-Up Feed
MUFMollet Underground Foundation (band)
MUFMascot User's Forum
MUFMark Up Factor
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Of the 1,566 women with MUF and SG analyses, 1,451 who reported drinking tap water from a public source were included in the study, whereas 110 (7%) who reported drinking well water, 4 (0.2%) who reported other, and 1 (<0.06%) with missing data were excluded (see Figure S1).
Jones, "Near Real Time Materials Accountancy using SITMUF and a Joint Pages Test: Comparison with MUF and CUMUF Tests," ESARDA Bulletin, vol.
Weight losses of PBs, caused by the activity of this decaying fungus, reduced exponentially in accordance with a higher content of nano-ZnO in MUF glues: [DELTA]m = 3.02 + exp (2.66-0.24 x [w.sub.(ZnO)]/[w.sub.(MUF)]) (Figure 1).
La temporada de Las aventuras de Burantino en el Galeon sigue cada sabado y domingo a las 11:30 y 13:00 horas, hasta el 25 de junio, fecha en que se celebraran ahi mismo los 30 anos de Teatro Muf, con una funcion especial, para luego continuar los festejos con temporada programada del 11 de octubre al 10 de diciembre en el Teatro Sergio Magana de la Colonia Santa Maria la Ribera.
But today the same lady has used the same election and a case registered against same MUF to jail JKLF chairman.
From an insight perspective, this research report has focused on various levels of analysis-industry analysis (industry trends and PEST analysis), market share analysis of top players, supply chain analysis, and company profiles, which together comprise and discuss basic views on the competitive landscape, emerging and high-growth segments of the MUF market, high-growth countries & their respective regulatory policies, government initiatives, drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
Cuando los valores obtenidos para las muestras impregnadas se compararon con el valor de referencia dado por la norma, pudo determinarse que solo el adhesivo MUF cumplia con ese requisito alcanzando valores que no diferian significativamente (p = 0,5405) del valor de referencia, mientras que para los adhesivos PRF y P los valores de resistencia fueron significativamente menores que 100 kg/[cm.sup.2].
"Makondomu a baana a bulelwa kuli a hasanya HIV ni AIDS - kulumelwa kuli ha u beya mwakondomu mezi a cisa u ta bona tukokwani twa HIV inge tu inezi kumatamata mwateni, nihaikekuli se mu bona ki lika ze nolofaza mwahali kanako ya kusomana," kubulela Muf. Jeneti.
The ratio expected for natural uranium is 21.5, but the amount of [sup.235]U in MUF, if present, would have nearly halved this number.
This led Kaufmann and Dant (1996) to call the prevalence of MUF "a curious anomaly" in search of a clear theoretical explanation.