MUFIDSMulti-User Flight Information Display System (arrival/departure, gate, and related informaiton)
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Common Use Integration with Multi-User Flight Information System (MUFIDS)
The benefits of sharing real time information between CUTE, MUFIDS, RMS and AODB were previously mentioned.
(*) Airport in a Box is a SITA trademarked name and includes the pre-integrated CUTE, BRS, RMS, AODB and MUFIDS systems.
"AdWARE generates value to each monitor, not only from the passenger convenience side, but because we've broadened the use of these monitors to help defray the cost of the MUFIDS," claimed Tripahn.
In a major renovation at Tampa International Airport, for instance, Com-Net is installing a complete integrated electronic visual information display system which includes airline name display, baggage information display, MUFIDS, and free-format electronic signage subsystems.