MUFONMutual UFO Network
MUFONMutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (est. 1969; Fort Collins, CO)
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One report on the MUFON website describes one of the sightings: "Walking my dog on the beach, my son took some photos and after uploading p them to the computer i noticed this orb like object on several of them.
On May 13, another spotter saw seven circular objects above the city through binoculars - they then drew them out for Mufon.
The witness, who reported it to Mufon, said: "I was at home looking after the dog.
In New England, I was formerly director for MUFON. We were just swamped.
He highlights MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network - which uses the Internet to disseminate information on "U.S.
The number of these UFO sightings has increased drastically over the years, and now a "UFO Stalker," based on MUFON Case Management System, shows that this year alone a whopping 83,715 UFO sightings have been recorded.
Produced and hosted by veteran podcaster Martin Willis and co-hosted by MUFON investigator Sam Maranto, the show can be streamed through the Dark Matters Radio Network at where new episodes appear each Wednesday at 8PM Eastern (Thursday at 1AM UTC/GMT).
Despite the ordinary explanation for what she saw, Leominster's Steve Firmani, director of New England MUFON, says it's important to investigate each of these instances, because of the chance it could be an unexplained phenomenon.
Back in June 2013, another UFO reportedly entered the Popocatepetl volcano where chief photo and video analyst Marc Dantonio of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) claimed in a Huffington Post interview that the captured image is a "genuine" one.