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MUGMacintosh User Group
MUGMaple User Group
MUGMicrosoft User Group
MUGMacintosh Users Group
MUGManhattan User's Guide (resource; New York)
MUGMicrosoft User Group (various locations)
MUGMulti-User Game
MUGMauritius Underwater Group (diving club)
MUG4-Methylumbelliferyl-ß-D-Glucuronide (substrate)
MUGMotorcycle User Group (various locations)
MUGMacromedia User Group (software)
MUGMale Unbifurcated Garment (alternative to trousers)
MUGMobiele Urgentiegroep (Mobile Urgence Group; special ambulance team)
MUGMechanics, Usage, Grammar (education)
MUGMulti-User Group
MUGMidshipman Under Guidance
MUGMake-Up Gas
MUGMinimum Usage Guarantee (voice and data plans)
MUGManning Unit Group
MUGMicrocomputer User's Group
MUGMATE Users Group
References in classic literature ?
And it was not two minutes before he swallowed the last of his beer and waved his mug solemnly toward the window which took in through the shrubbery a piece of the lawn.
'When I say number one,' pursued Mr Squeers, putting the mug before the children, 'the boy on the left hand nearest the window may take a drink; and when I say number two, the boy next him will go in, and so till we come to number five, which is the last boy.
Nicholas murmured something--he knew not what--in reply; and the little boys, dividing their gaze between the mug, the bread and butter (which had by this time arrived), and every morsel which Mr Squeers took into his mouth, remained with strained eyes in torments of expectation.
When he returned to the hall with Smilash they found two mugs of beer waiting for them.
Though you have said nothing we cannot, of course, look on him as a little stranger, and so I am sending him the old Lashmar christening mug. It has been with us since Gregory Lashmar, your great-grandmother's brother--
we had another meal, consisting of a small mug of coffee, and half-a-slice of brown bread.
She came back, with some bread and meat and a little mug of beer.
Sundry brown mugs, containing cider or beer, were placed between the heavy andirons, and little groups were found among the guests as subjects arose or the liquor was passed from one to the other.
The glasses and mugs are filled, and then the fugleman strikes up the old sea-song,
With his big florid face held between his hands he continued to stare hard, while the dingy little man in spectacles coolly took a drink of beer and stood the glass mug back on the table.
See with what entire freedom the whaleman takes his handful of lamps --often but old bottles and vials, though --to the copper cooler at the try-works, and replenishes them there, as mugs of ale at a vat.
This time the opportunity presented what he fatuously termed to himself a "cinch." A young woman of a modest and pleasing guise was standing before a show window gazing with sprightly interest at its display of shaving mugs and inkstands, and two yards from the window a large policeman of severe demeanour leaned against a water plug.