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MUGIMicrosoft User Group Indonesia
MUGIMini Unattended Ground Imager (remote operated imaging sensor)
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They are in Mugi's class to pass time, courtesy of the vandals of electricity transformers in Rurii town and other Ol Kalou neighbourhood towns.
Furuya, S., Yoshida, H., Preneel, B.: A New Keystream Generator MUGI. In: Fast Software Encryption (FSE) 2002, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol.
(7) MUGI (MUlti GIga cipher): A stream cipher developed by Hitachi in 2001.
The Mugi's power consumption enables it to operate for up to twelve days using a rechargeable battery pack, or up to 80 days using non-rechargeable batteries, while providing a line-of-sight transmission range of up to 20 km.
This possibility is found in Avar, Andi, Akhvakh, Bagwalal, Chamalal, Karata, Tindi, Tsez, Hinukh, Khwarshi, Archi, Mugi Dargwa, i.e., it is typical mainly of the western part of Daghestan.
/ Mais qui a abattu la vache noire, / Morte sans avoir mugi, morte sans avoir beugle, / Morte sans avoir ete poursuivie / Sur cette prairie fleurie d'etoiles?" [Poemes 58]).
Achieving Harmony between the Oceans, Land, and People in Mugi, which all Nurture Thousand-year-old Local Coral: NPO Kaifu Nature Network
Pastelis a twelve-volume series that follows Mugi, a hard-working teenage boy unable to follow his heart.
Asi pues, dado que en la actualidad existen mas de 140 municipios vascos en Udalsarea 21, podria deducirse que en ellos, al menos, se esta ejecutando la Agenda 21 local dentro de su correspondiente Comunidad Autonoma; asimismo, en los municipios que la forman podrian estar funcionando adecuadamente algunas mecanismos comunes para el seguimiento y evaluacion de su ejecucion (como el conocido con las siglas MUGI 21) puesto que la red ha creado algunas herramientas a tal efecto, y tambien un sistema de indicadores de sostenibilidad local.
Hidenori Maki is credited with reviving ''mugi mochi,'' a variation of the rice cake that many Japanese traditionally eat on New Year's Day.