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MUHMercy University Hospital (Ireland)
MUHMilch Union Hocheifel (German dairy company)
MUHMint, Unhinged
MUHMennesker Uden Hjerne (Danish: People without Brain)
MUHMessed Up Heart
MUHMathematical Universe Hypothesis
MUHMontefiore University Hospital (University of Pittsburgh; Pittburgh, PA)
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Oh, I was never afraid of them, believe muh, but I didn't hanker after 'em.
This visitation worn't for nowt, and I wod hev' ye to look out, Miss - yah muh be t' next.
The man claims the introduction of the service is being "sneakily done" and many of his colleagues were unaware terminations would be carried out at MUH.
However, after the event was called off, the MUH announced cancellation of its Saturday's demonstration.
Top Regional Excellence Partner Middle East -- Ansa Otomasyon Bilgisayar Muh. San.
I remember being confused because it looked like my scary grandmother Muh, but her expression was so very different than the scowl I was used to seeing.
It has therefore been proposed to classify obese people as metabolically healthy (MH) and unhealthy (MUH) [8].
Bob Muh, chief executive officer of Sutter Securities, Inc., was elected as a small firm governor, one of three representatives small firm representatives on FINRA's board.
One of the highlights of his career was when he managed to persuade boxing champ Muh ammed Ali to eat a stottie when on Geordie soil in 1977.
MUH = 1/256 [summation over (s[member of][PSI])] [absolute value of h(s) / N - 1 / 256],
Similarly, Provincial minister of irrigation Mahmood Khan has said that with the elimination of Maktab Schools his area is too muh effected and has added that it ws awrong decision of the Provincialm government.
As was suggested by the work's title, 'Ug' (Ug), 'Dub' (d[??]), 'Muh' (m[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), 'Bam Bam' (baem baem) (all works 2015), these cudgels are tools so rudimentary that they hardly deserve the name.