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"The previous owner of Lowden Plumbing, Heating and Electrical wanted to retire, and wanted a buyer for his business," explained LNE CEO Jan Muhl. "His goal was to find a local buyer who would continue to operate the business here in our area, and it happened that his type of business aligned with our diversification goal as well.
(12) According to Muhl (1958: 108), Heracles's apotheosis shows the influence of mythological narratives in which man "lebt also im vorhandenen Korper fort, nur an anderem Orte, in der unmittelbaren Nahe der Gottheit".
Gray) Small MRE [Willow Goldenrod] Asteraceae (cont.) Solidago patula Muhl. MRE var.
Muhl, who is a native of California, first noticed something different with her body while attending a dance class as a kid.
& Galeotti Epidendrum Baltazar et al., 2014 magnoliae Muhl. Epidendrum Baltazar et al., 2014 melistagum Hagsater Epidendrum mixtum MX-JB-008-DF-8103 Schltr.
ex Muhl.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb.--CW, SW; MWL, SUCWL; Common; C = 4; BSUH 19693.
The specific leaf area of B and C origins were higher (6.6 to 19.9 times) than the reported by Muhl et al.
Nesta esfera, Habermas assegura que impera a acao estrategica instrumental voltada a economia (dinheiro) e a politica (poder), que torna a linguagem um meio usado de forma parcial e com o proposito de conquistar interesses particulares (MUHL, 2003, p.
Muhl, a Board member and former Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New York.
(9.) Maass PG, Aydin A, Luft FC, Schachterle C, Weise A, Stricker S, Lindschau C, Vaegler M, Qadri F Toka HR, Schulz H, Krawitz PM, Parkhomchuk D, Hecht J, Hollfinger I, Wefeld-Neuenfeld Y, Bartels-Klein E, Muhl A, Kann M, Schuster H, Chitayat D, Bialer MG, Wienker TF, Ott J, Rittscher K, Liehr T, Jordan J, Plessis G, Tank J, Mai K, Naraghi R, Hodge R, Hopp M, Hattenbach LO, Busjahn A, Rauch A, Vandeput F, Gong M, Ruschendorf F, Hubner N, Haller H, Mundlos S, Bilginturan N, Movsesian MA, Klussmann E, Toka O, Bahring S.
In contrast, no significant effect of EO on growth performance was observed in broiler chickens fed a threonine-deficient diet (Muhl and Liebert, 2007).
This, of course, was also the period in which Actionism morphed out of the related experiments in the gestural painting of Nitsch, Brus, Muhl and Schwarzkogler.