MUICMaster Unit Identification Code (US Army)
MUICMahidol University International College (Thailand)
MUICMobilization Unit Inprocessing Center (US Army)
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Dobkin also visited the MUIC, where the sides discussed prospects for establishment of cooperation.
MUIC removes interference from other users when a base station transmits a signal to a number of users simultaneously.
Primary school children aged 7-12 years in Grades I to V were included for the purpose of collection of urine samples to be used for determination of MUIC while households of the participating children were included for the purpose of assessment of access, utilization and coverage of adequately iodised salt as well as awareness on IDD problems and iodised salt.
(b) Tourism and Hospitality Management Division, Mahidol University International College (MUIC), Buddhamonthon, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand
Mahidol University International College (MUIC), Salaya, Nakornpathom, Thailand.
Members of Birmingham's Association of Jamaican Nationals marked the day at St Michael's Parish Church, in Handsworth, with a service dominated by young people who danced, sang, played muic and read poetry.
** MAT/mobilization unit inprocessing center (MUIC) (installation resources, training synchronization, and unit validation)
Nevertheless, it is possible to express the so-called imaginary imperative (Ahmanova 1966 : 249; see also Metslang, Muic zniece, Pajusalu 1999 : 132, 147) by means of the past reference of declarative and interrogative sentences--recommendations for imaginary action in the past.
To buy these CDs for pounds 13.99 each, call our Muic Line on 01634 832 789
Upon graduating in 1990, Muic began her work in a small private consulting company.
The name derives from the Gaelic "Eilean a muic" which translates as "island of the dolphin".