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MUIDMessage Unit Identifier
MUIDMetropolitan Urban Indian Directors (American Indians; Minnesota)
MUIDMultiple Unit Identity
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Muid said that brownstones in the neighborhood generally range in price from a hair below $400 a square foot to nearly $700 a square foot for a top-notch, "move-in condition" house on one of Fort Greene's most desirable blocks, such as Washington Park or South Cumberland Street.
(9) The only way for the students to gain the type of knowledge they need to become successful in the music industry at the administrative, management, or executive level is for them to either leave the city (which many of them do) or have the university take the lead in rebuilding the Memphis music infrastructure by launching its own record label and allowing the MUID students to run it.
The unique specification of a soil map unit within each survey area is the map unit identifier (muid), created by the concatenation of the soil survey area symbol (ssaid) and the map unit symbol (musym), which links the graphic feature to attribute data in the MUIR.
From the third, by the terms of the marriage contract, she received the entire estate, which included all his meubles and tools, one muid of wheat, another three muids of wheat per year as a rent, and a house worth 40 florins d'or: A.M.D., FF 869, 13 Apr.
Tender notice number : E-1259 /HBPCL/PC/ Anaesthesia work station with MuID:2019_HBPCL_456076_1
Jumah Ammad; militiamen Muid Manda, Hermillo Gapo, Omar Titing and Adzlan Abdulla; and civilians Rosa Lipayo Inso, Angelina Inso, Radiya Manda, Rosida Titing and her son, Gary Titing, 10.
The moderate Sunni Muslims Adlan Abdullah, Muid Manda and Titing Omar of the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit and Private 1st Class Samad Jumah of the 19th Special Forces Company, died together in the incident.
Killed during the incident were Corporal Samad Jumah, CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (CAA) Adzlan Abdula, Muid Manda, Titing Omar, Hermilito Gapo Jr.
The managing director, Johari Abdul Muid, said that the company was hoping to complete the integration process with Indonesia's PT Bank Mestika Dharma in June this year.
Toostustoodangu kasvu saavutamine valdavalt tootlikkuse suurenemise arvel oli vaga optimistlik otsus, arvestades varasemaid arenguid, kuid muid voimalusi seatud eesmarkide saavutamiseks eriti polnudki, sest toodangu kasvule ekstensiivse kasvu arvel seadis piirid demograafiline olukord.
She has cancelled the appointment of ( Muid) Ahmed because such decisions shouldn't be taken when organisational election was due in UP," Kidwai wrote.