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MUIRMap Unit Interpretations Record (soil database)
MUIRMassey University Institutional Repository (New Zealand)
MUIRMinistero dell'Istruzione dell'Universita E Della Ricerca (Ministry of Education, University Studies and Research)
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Loch owner Neil Smith said Mr Muir's concerns had been reported to Sepa.
Muir said the process took him 18 months from start to finish.
Rounding out the book is a chronology of Muir's life, along with a glossary and a list of sources for Muir's words and inspiration.
The lawyer admitted Muir had also paid nothing in respect of the vandalism charge following the incident, which took place in October last year.
Sweet peas, white, blooms: 1 J Muir. Sweet peas, pink, blooms: 1 and 2 J Muir.
Keith Geddes, chair of CSGNT, said the funding would ensure they have resources in place to work more closely with businesses to maximise the opportunities the John Muir Way presents.
Muir is looking forward to competing in front of the Birmingham crowd again this weekend.
Muir vented to her brother, Kyle Muir, who had an MBA from the University of Utah.
Barclays reimbursed Mrs Muir for the illegal withdrawals from her current account, which amounted to PS1,598.