MUISMajlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)
MUISMonash University Islamic Society (Victoria, Australia)
MUISMacquarie University International Scholarships (New South Wales, Australia)
MUISMelbourne University Islamic Society (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MUISMishel Uncertainty Illness Scale (psychology and physiology)
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Further, this study expands upon research on motivational programs promoting engagement in struggling students based on achievement goal theory (e.g., Linnenbrink, 2005; Muis, Ranellucci, Franco, & Crippen, 2013), attribution theory (for reviews, see Forsterling, 1985; Haynes, Perry, Stupnisky, & Daniels, 2009), and expectancy-value theory (e.g., Durik & Harackiewicz, 2007; Godes, Hulleman, & Harackiewicz, 2007; Hulleman & Harackiewicz, 2009) by specifically addressing possibly maladaptive characteristics of mastery-oriented students.
In the present study, we aimed to contribute to the wider literature on the media attention to the populist radical right parties and discourses in Europe (Aalberg & de Vreese, 2016; Birenbaum & Villa, 2003; Bos et al., 2010; Ellinas, 2010; Koopmans & Muis, 2009; Udris, 2012; Vliegenthart et al., 2012), and in a larger perspective, to bring nuance to the emerging literature on the "alt-right" media's successful radicalization of the Republican party in the United States (Barkun, 2017; Jutel, 2017), by examining the visibility of radical right media products in the network structure of the media spheres in Hungary and Romania.
Singapore, Singapore, November 22, 2016 --( In line with the focus of Cornery - the popcorn gallery on being inclusive of all cultures, religions and races, Aramidth International Pte Ltd, which owns and franchises Cornery - the popcorn gallery stores, is pleased to announce that its Singapore store in Far East Plaza has been certified Halal by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).
As reported by Muis [20], that the participation of National Movement of Forest and Land Rehabilitation (called GN-RHL) activities in Layana and Lambara is low.
Reyes J.A., Gomez J.P., Muis R.O., Zavala R., Rios G.A., Villalobos.
Por ejemplo, algunos estudios indican que estan positivamente asociadas con el rendimiento (especialmente, en estudiantes universitarios), con el autoconcepto academico y con el valor dado a la tarea, y que no necesariamente producen una disminucion de la implicacion cognitiva y del uso de estrategias de autorregulacion (Brophy, 2005; Harackiewicz et al., 2008; Hulleman et al., 2008; Muis y Winner, 2012; Wigfield y Cambria, 2010).
Students' epistemological beliefs play a role in how students study and subsequently learn (Muis, 2007).
In an impact statement Mrs Silva's daughter Celestina Muis said the family was devastated and added: "She was very much the glue that held us all together.
After the verdict, Palmira's daughter Celestina Muis said she had been the glue that held the family together.
Ante los resultados obtenidos se asume, siguiendo la linea de Muis (2004); Op't Eynde, de Corte y Verschaffel (2006); Steiner (2007); Tang (2010) y Walker (2007) que el sistema de creencias sobre la matematica, de los profesores que imparten esta asignatura en la secundaria es multifactorial.
"Proven reliability is why we absolutely wanted to have Voith fluid couplings in the new conveyor drives as well," said Tatra Muis, senior manager of maintenance for Bukit Asam.