MUITMitsubishi Ufj Information Technology (est. 2009; Japan)
MUITMulti-User Integrated Terminal (Adelaide International Airport; Australia)
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These will mate with a range of aircraft which will include the A380, and will serve the new multi-user integrated terminal (MUIT), which has been built at a cost of A$260 million (US$193m) as a feature of the expansion project.
Hunters also muit uku' (hunted with the assistance of dogs) (Talla 1979:392).
mucho: < multum a traves de muit. La /-l-/ + ocl.
Project Description: In 2003 an announcement was made of the intention to build a new AU$260 million integrated domestic and international terminal called the Multi-User Integrated Terminal (MUIT).
As part of its bid for the lease, L gave a commitment to developing a plan for the MUIT, which combines the separate domestic and international terminals in a new terminal building.
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