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MULCHMacalester Urban Land and Community Health
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This was may be due to the large film mulch ratio of D and S to the other treatments, which had a significant effect on topsoil temperature to accelerate the rate of decomposition of organic matter such as soil root by soil microorganisms, thus reducing the soil BD and improving soil structure.
* Stones or pebbles are decorative but not beneficial to the soil like plant-based mulch, but won't have to be replaced every year
Mulch sheet was laid in the plots before the transplanting of seedlings.
Black polythene mulch retained higher moisture than rice straw mulch in most of the times (Figure 1).
We've never had a problem using these leaves as mulch. There is very little tree spraying that goes on in our area.
In some cases a mulch may actually do the opposite of what you intend it to do.
Sub-plots are based on mulch type, consisting of: (1) without mulch, (2) organic rice straw mulch, and (3) inorganic black plastic mulch.
For each experiment, four treatments were considered: (1) soil ground treated with nematodes and covered with mulch, (2) soil ground not treated with nematodes, but covered with mulch (control), (3) bare soil treated with nematodes, and (4) bare soil not treated with nematodes (control).
Two added bonuses are that my son has a great time playing on the pile before it disappears, and my neighbors use less herbicide now that the extra mulch keeps their weeds at bay.
A uniform mulch covering visually unites the separated plants in a landscape, prevents extreme swings of soil temperature, prevents the soil from caking and drying and provides myriad other helpful functions depending on the type of mulch used and the needs of the homeowner.
Carol: Late autumn, winter and early spring are best, especially for mulches such as old muck, that feed as well.