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MULEMultilingual Enhancement
MULEMultilingual Extension
MULEMultiple Use Labor Element (video game)
MULEMultilingual Enhancement of GNU EMACS
MULEMultifunction Utility/Logistics Equipment Vehicle (robotic vehicle intended to support dismounted troops)
MULEModular Universal Laser Equipment
MULEMobile and Ubiquitous Learning Environments
MULEMulti-Use Lightweight Equipment
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Behind the mule there was a camel, with his big soft feet squelching and slipping in the mud, and his neck bobbing to and fro like a strayed hen's.
Don Quixote was mightily provoked by this answer, and seizing the mule by the bridle he said, "Halt, and be more mannerly, and render an account of what I have asked of you; else, take my defiance to combat, all of you."
"Make good like that," Collins approved, "and when I sell the mule you'll go along as part of the turn, or I miss my guess.
A young American girl came along on a mule, and in making the turn the mule's hind foot caved all the loose masonry and one of the fence-posts overboard; the mule gave a violent lurch inboard to save himself, and succeeded in the effort, but that girl turned as white as the snows of Mont Blanc for a moment.
The mule always appears to me a most surprising animal.
A dagger-pointed gaze from without his black- ened face was held toward the enemy, but his greater hatred was riveted upon the man, who, not knowing him, had called him a mule driver.
These trappers, when they separated from Captain Bonneville at the place where the furs were embarked, proceeded to the foot of the Bighorn Mountain, and having encamped, one of them mounted his mule and went out to set his trap in a neighboring stream.
In other towns in Italy the people lie around quietly and wait for you to ask them a question or do some overt act that can be charged for--but in Annunciation they have lost even that fragment of delicacy; they seize a lady's shawl from a chair and hand it to her and charge a penny; they open a carriage door, and charge for it--shut it when you get out, and charge for it; they help you to take off a duster--two cents; brush your clothes and make them worse than they were before--two cents; smile upon you--two cents; bow, with a lick-spittle smirk, hat in hand-- two cents; they volunteer all information, such as that the mules will arrive presently--two cents--warm day, sir--two cents--take you four hours to make the ascent--two cents.
The stranger touched his mule with his heel and continued his way.
"To get to this city of Kurzon," he proceeded in a low voice, so that none of the others in the dining-room would hear them, "we will have to go either by mule back or boat to a point near Copan.
The horses of Abyssinia are excellent; their mules, oxen, and cows are without number, and in these principally consists the wealth of this country.
That he had observed, from his station in the rear, that she sat her mule as if she were exhausted.