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The upgraded variant will replace the baseline ESM with a "more robust" set of low- and high-band multi-intelligence (multi-INT) signals receivers, "a capability that is designed to allow the sundown of the EP-3," said Capt.
As the multi-int diagram illustrates, architecture and processes lead directly to vision, principles and strategy.
Activity-Based Intelligence has already been defined in many different ways, and after many months of debate, a codified and agreed-upon definition, based on Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence guidance, finally exists: "ABI is a multi-INT approach to activity and transactional data analysis to resolve unknowns, develop object and network knowledge, and drive collection." (7) The following paraphrasing may resonate more with DOD ISR professionals, enabling a better understanding of ABI, though not intending to replace or circumvent the established definition:
Together they enable tailored surveillance, a robust multi-INT environment, and the thorough extraction of value from collected data.
Lockheed Martin proposes its Dragon's Eye ISR system for business jets, and is flying its Airborne Multi-INT Laboratory (AML), a converted Gulfstream GIII.
FIRE will allow us to break the paradigm of system utilization as a success measure and actually consider what information can be gleaned from multi-INT operations.
"Multi-int," the integration of several sensors in one ball, will be the future, he predicted.
Because of the high-tech nature of DGS units, outsiders frequently view them as multi-INT processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) nodes for airborne ISR, reachback organizations, or intelligence fusion and production centers.
The team will build on Phase 1 work of the program, and continue to leverage the decade-long development of the company's Multi-INT Analytics for Pattern Learning and Exploitation (MAPLE)technology with a solution called MAPLE Automates Joint Indications and Warnings for Cognitive Counter-Space (MAJICS).
- Leveraging open source analytics to support Multi-INT and activity based intelligence
The AIB will be the nucleus for managing both Multi-INT and Multi-Mode collection intelligence capabilities.
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