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MULTIPATHthe Possible Multiple Routes for A Single Beam of Energy
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Using multiple paths concurrently, termed multipath transmission, is regarded as one of the most potential transport techniques to support a variety of conversational class service requirements.
Maritime random radio wave propagation multipath statistical characteristics are given in Section 3.
Results of practical observations of multipath propagation in different places of Latvia at link frequencies of 7 GHz-8 GHz were presented in [3].
Ri] corresponden al efecto de multipath de codigo o pseudodistancia de satelite y receptor.
In this paper, we consider low-grazing angle fluctuating targets (Swerling 1-4) detection in multipath environment for MIMO radar.
In this section, we will introduce the multipath signal model of MIMO radar and phased-array radar, respectively.
However, it is not possible to predict the level of multipath at a particular site prior to installation [5,6].
Most techniques require a line-of-sight (LOS) environment; however the LOS path can be easily affected by multipath conditions and as results will give error in estimating the range [10]-[12].
First, Quintum released the new Unified Communications Proxy (UCP) for Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches and Gateways.
By adopting this technology for UHF RFID systems, OMRON has succeeded in reducing reflections, thus minimizing the degradation of system performance due to multipath interference.
2,11) In this article, various acquisition schemes are investigated for rapid GPS signal acquisition over multipath Rayleigh fading channels.