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MUMMumbai (Bombay), India
MUMMaharishi University of Management
MUMMensch und Maschine (German: Man and Machine; software)
MUMMuseum of Menstruation and Women's Health (website)
MUMMobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (conference)
MUMMiss You More
MUMMobile Agent Based Ubiquitous Multimedia Middleware
MUMMulti User Maze
MUMMulti-Unit Manager
MUMManned and Unmanned (US Army)
MUMManaging Uncertainty in Medicine
MUMMera Urdu Messenger
MUMMapserver Users Meeting
MUMMass United Movement (South Africa)
MUMMaximum Useful Magnification
MUMMulti Use Message
MUMMonthly Update Meeting
MUMMultiplexer Uplink Module
MUMMeters Uber Meer (German: meters above sea level)
MUMMulti Use Manuscript
References in classic literature ?
All sorts, mum, all sorts," said Bob,--thumping his bundle; "but let us say no more about that, if
But I can turn a bit o' money for you, an' welcome, mum," said Bob, "if you'd like to risk it,--not as there's any risk to speak on.
Ay, mum," he said admiringly, "you know what's what--you do.
Eh, mum, not what you'd think it worth your while to look at.
No, mum, I know my place," said Bob, lifting up his pack and shouldering it.
Well, of course me and Huck are going to keep mum there, but if you don't keep mum yourself there's going to be a little bit of a risk--it ain't much, maybe, but it's a little.
said Hester, the little kitchen-maid late on her promotion--"and to Madame Crawley, so good and kind, and his Rev'rince (with a curtsey), and you may search all MY boxes, Mum, I'm sure, and here's my keys as I'm an honest girl, though of pore parents and workhouse bred--and if you find so much as a beggarly bit of lace or a silk stocking out of all the gownds as YOU'VE had the picking of, may I never go to church agin.
And here's a candle, Mum, and if you please, Mum, I can show you her room, Mum, and the press in the housekeeper's room, Mum, where she keeps heaps and heaps of things, Mum," cried out the eager little Hester with a profusion of curtseys.
I think she might have been mistrustful, mum,' returned Sloppy with submission, 'of standing in Our Johnny's light.
No mum, but she might have thought (as a habit-like) of its standing in Johnny's light, and might have tried to bring him through it unbeknownst.
Seth looked a little conscious, and began to be slower in his preparations for going, but Mum Taft broke silence, and said, "Aye, aye, Adam lad, ye talk like a young un.
With this exit speech, which he considered effective, Wiry Ben shouldered his basket and left the workshop, quickly followed by Mum Taft and Sandy Jim.