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Speaking after her selection at a meeting of the local party in Crewe, Ms Dunwoody said: "My mumis a formidable act to follow, having served the area with great pride and passion for 34 years." The by-election was triggered by the death of Gwyneth Dunwoody aged 77 last month.
Mumis in good spirits, and was asking about the results from Wimbledon and Walthamstow last night - she was very pleased with them.
Her first meeting with her mumis awkward, but the two eventually agree to put the past behind them.
A similar approach but targeted to multimedia data is presented in the MUMIS project [25].
Write in and tell us why your mumis the best in theworld, or maybe you've got a sister, partner or friend you think does a brilliant job and deserves this little bit of post-Mother's Day magic.
Lygiai taip turime vadovautis priesnormatyvinemis prieigomis, kurios jokiu budu nera tik "pasaulio atskleidimas", taigi priskirtinas prasmiu galimybiu atverimui, bet kurios mus prakalbina ir su mumis susijusios.
O'Donnell, who has just signed a new 18-month deal, said: "Joe's girlfriend's mumis best friends with my girlfriend's mum.