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MUMPMulti-User MEMS Process
MUMPMarshall University of Michigan Probes
MUMPMulti-User Micro-Electo-Mechanical Process
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Despite this recommendation, mumps outbreaks continued to be reported throughout the United States, particularly in settings where persons have close, prolonged contact (e.
Complications caused by mumps infection have been reported, with 21 people experiencing orchitis--inflammation of the testicles--and hearing loss.
Mumps can be spread by the infected person by touching surfaces or objects with unwashed hands, talking, coughing, sharing items with others or sneezing.
Some will have had just one dose of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, which only gives 60 per cent protection against mumps.
Idaho has 21 confirmed cases of mumps as of Friday, six in the Boise area.
The Ohio Department of Public Health reported over 300 cases of measles and over 400 cases of mumps in the state, representing significantly more cases than anywhere else in the country.
We've received children with mumps from Chilanzar, Yunus-Abad, Mirobadsky and Yakkasarsky districts.
Vaccination for mumps has been in use in industrialized countries for decades (2).
Research suggests more than 3,000 10 to 16-year-olds in Wolverhampton either have not been immunised or completed their course of vaccinations - putting them at increased risk of catching measles, mumps or rubella.
The Directorate of Public Health announced that it had supplied people in 'li with two doses of mumps vaccine in a precautionary measure to protect the community from diseases.
Fabricated out of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina MEMSCAP facility for twenty years, the MUMPs prototyping service has been operated by listed company MEMSCAP since November 2002.