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Dey et al., "MUNC, a long noncoding RNA that facilitates the function of MyoD in skeletal myogenesis," Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol.
Mean deviation Minimum Maximum Inflation 128 2.45 0.45 1.30 3.53 forecast Output gap 128 -0.14 1.58 -4.85 3.08 forecast hUnc 128 -0.13 0.48 -1 1 hIns 128 -0.06 0.33 -1 1 mUnc 128 2.92 4.80 0 30.8 mIns 128 0.83 2.45 0 16.7 frInf 128 -0.01 0.18 -0.63 0.63 frGap 128 -0.01 0.41 -2.00 0.77 Correlation with forecast of Output Variable Inflation gap Inflation 1.00 0.21 forecast Output gap 0.21 1.00 forecast hUnc -0.23 -0.33 hIns 0.18 0.15 mUnc -0.06 0.14 mIns -0.10 0.08 frInf 0.23 0.01 frGap 0.24 0.29 Source: Authors' calculations, based on Philadelphia Fed Greenbook data sets and FOMC minutes; see text.
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(47) The measures for uncertainty and insurance are denoted mUnc and mIns, where "m" indicates these variables are "machine-coded." Figures 4 and 5 show plots of our minutes-based uncertainty and insurance variables.
For example, in March 2007 hUnc is coded zero for uncertainty whereas mUnc finds uncertainty referenced in nearly one-third of the sentences in the policy section of the minutes.
Mutations in 4 different genes, namely perforin on chromosome 10821, munc 13-4 on 17q25, syntaxin 11 on 6q24, and syntaxin-binding protein 2 (STXBP2) on 19p 13.2 are reported to be responsible for familial HLH (2-5).
A91V is reported to be associated with mutations in the perforin and munc 13-4 genes (14).
There was first-degree consanguinity between the parents of 15 patients and the parents of 3 other patients were from the same village, suggesting possible consanguinity; therefore, the families were further analyzed via haplotype analysis for HLH mutations, including perforin, munc 13-4, and syntaxin 11 genes, and none had haplotype homozygosity for these genes.
Primary or familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (FHLH) is an autosomal recessive disorder of immune dysfunction caused by mutations in Perforin, Munc 13-4, Syntaxin 11 and STBX2 genes (2-5).
Munc 13 (4 is essential for cytolytic granules fusion and is mutated in a form of familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (FHL3).
HLH has been identified to be related with genes encoding perforin (PRF1/FHL2), Munc 13-4 (UNC13D/FHL3), and syntaxin-11 (STX11/FHL4).