MUNEMotor Unit Number Estimation
MUNEMuseum of the Northeast (Mexico)
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The MUNE data are showed in [Table 2] and [Figure 2]b.
CMAP amplitude on paretic side was significantly lower than on the nonparetic side, at both 24 hours and 7 days after MCAO, and MUNE on paretic side was significantly less than on nonpareticside at 7 days after MCAO.
This study showed that abnormal SA, decreased MUNE and CMAP appeared on the paretic side in MCAO rats, consistently with previous clinical studies, suggesting that lower motor neurons injury happened in the early time after stroke.
At 7 days after cerebral infarction, electrophysiology showed a significant decrease in paretic MUNE and CMAP, while pathology results showed almost normal after the early stress reaction.
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They were nearly half-an-hour quicker than their closest challengers, who were the quartet of Jason Pedrew, Jim Allen, Enrique Munes and Andy Winthrop.