MUNFLAMemorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (Canada)
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Karpeles Fonds, MUNFLA, "Amendment to will of Maud Karpeles 31 May, 1971," accessed 16 July 2014, http://www.
1930, see "The Cruel Mother," Karpeles Fonds, MUNFLA.
23) Some thought that bread prepared on Good Friday had special healing powers (24) and one student depositor in MUNFLA shared a personal experience:
One example in MUNFLA from the 1970s indicates how deeply this belief could be held.
Margaret Sargent McTaggart Collection, MUNFLA Accession 99-138, photograph numbers 17943-50 and 17955-72.
See Margaret Sargent McTaggart Collection, MUNFLA Accession 98-237, Notebook 2 page 23 for the fiddle tunes; for the photographs of Tom Jennings see accession 99-138, numbers 1826-29.
We have also funded the digitization of several reference tools, including the "Song Title Index" of MUNFLA and the index of their collection of Canadian vinyl.
22) Peacock's 1951 tapes are at MUNFLA in the Kenneth Peacock Collection, accession 87-157, C 11031 to C 11036.
On MUNFLA tape 71-02, of the dance at a wedding in Francois, the dancers are quite audibly out of synch with the accordionist.
While they collected an enormous amount of information on many aspects of traditional Newfoundland culture, their own particular interests led to especially strong collections on Newfoundland dialect, mumming traditions, and narratives, subsequently reflected in the MUNFLA trilogy.
With Herbert Halpert's own early field recordings, and a massive amount of undergraduate student essays, MUNFLA contains materials dealing with Newfoundland.
This and other quotations used with permission from MUNFLA.