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MUNKFunk, Metal and Punk (music genre)
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Founded in 1989 by Canadian diplomat Lionel Gelber, the Lionel Gelber Prize is presented annually by The Lionel Gelber Foundation, in partnership with Foreign Policy magazine and the Munk School of Global Affairs.
Alfonso Munk will continue in his role as Americas chief investment officer and will serve as head of Latin America.
As the business of health care migrates toward risk, there is an interplay between the clinical and the financial to find a sustainable business model," Munk says.
But when the tracer encountered seamounts and ridges, "all of a sudden, it started to spread in the vertical quite fast, at three times the rate predicted by Munk," Ferrari explains.
The things that doctors Licari and Munk said really drove home how serious this issue is," said Spencer Burnham, a third-year student at the CODM.
We didn't want to appear too opportunistic," Munk said.
Later in the same month, Schildknecht ordered the court bailiff to remove Munk, saying words to the effect of "I don't want to see his face.
While a determined Munk kept each game close, Kirk consistently returned the serves and kept her opponent in the back court.
The Globe explained that the Munk project bypasses the Iranian government and "offers a platform for dissidents .
The more I learn about the Munk School, the more opportunity I think there is for it to really play a role as one of Canada's principal interlocutors in global affairs, outside of government.