MUNOSModel United Nations of Seoul (South Korea)
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Its founders used a virtual model to take a drug to treat obesity all the way through midstage clinical trials for about $68 million, a sum that Munos says is about one-fifth of what a major pharmaceutical company might spend.
Munos wrote in Forbes: "Ten years ago, as uninspired CEOs unleashed six sigma onto their scientists, Novartis was the only company to denounce the ineptitude of regimenting science and basing R&D investment on bogus forecasts and NPV calculations.
Historically, most ozone applications have been used in water potabilization; however, in recent years many promising applications have emerged, such as water sewage treatment, food preservation, medical uses, processes in food industry, among others (Loeb, 2011; Galvis et al, 2005; Borrero et al, 2008; Munos et al, 2010).
III: Politicas de identidades juveniles, de genero y orientacion sexual: Emilia Bermudez, Virginia Vargas, Carlos Munos. Cap.
Samantha Amador, Felix Aponte, Chevon Bellarosa, Kayla Besso, Ericka Bultron, BetteLeah Cornwell, Babak Eskandari, Jacquelyn Fillmore, Kianna Forman, Ian Grassette, Barbara Gray, Raymond Guzman, Rosa Jimenez, Tony Jimenez, Michelle Johnson, Jamill Jones, Cassie LaChance, George MacDougall, Marielli Martinez, Keora McGill, Therese McNamara, Christopher Mulbah, Sharon Munos, Brandon Nolet, Kenneth Panek, Tahaiti Rodriguez, Jonathan Sanchez, Tyler Sidebottom, Jason Smith, Sianie Stella, Mike Stewart, Terrell Taylor, Christina Tola and Amanda Ventura.
Bernard Munos is corporate strategy advisor to another major developer of intellectual property, Eli Lilly & Co.
Santiago Munos Arbelaez, Historiador, Universidad de los Andes.
La riqueza patrimonial de la ciudad tiene un lugar destacado dentro de la pintura sobre Quito; alli, sobresale Oswaldo Munos Marino (y sus discipulos Cornejo, Veloz) que lo llevaron a constituirse en el pintor oficial de la ciudad.
Ahlfeld and Munos Reyes (1955) mention scarce granular masses from Level 650 at the extreme northern end of the San Jose vein, where it was associated with bismuthinite, filling spaces between quartz crystals.
Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1st Class (AW/FPG) Brian Munos and the other nine parachute riggers who work with him understand the importance of their job.