MUNSMunitions Squadron
MUNSMunicipal Security (New York Police Department)
MUNSMagnum Universal Night Sight (OmniTech Partners, Inc.)
MUNSMulti-User Narrowband System
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Ramon Muns was supported by the Rachadapisek Sompote Endowment Fund for Postdoctoral Fellowship by Chulalongkorn University.
"It's just not affordable," said Muns, who faces $50,000 in college loan debt.
"We have a number of MUNs in Bahrain running in various schools but we would like to add value to those by bringing in international expertise," said BSB chairman Rashad Janahi.
I have discussed this in a previous column but actively taking part in MUNs for the last four years has impacted my life in the best possible manner.
The Minister who received the invitation commended the depth of the relations between the two countries The Venezuelan Ambassador to the Sudan Anibal Jose Marquez Muns, pointed out on his part to the importance of Sudan participation in the summit as the Sudan is one of the founding members of the Nonaligned Movement in 1960.
As well as its brioche, Genius also sells sandwich breads, bloomers and muns in 220 Carrefour hypermarkets, as well as selected Auchan, Cora and E Leclerc stores.
When I go into Starbucks or Costa Co'ee or Cafe Nero et al I want to relax with a co'ee and read my paper or do a crossword and although admittedly I am biased in that my own working days are long over, thank goodness, I don't go there to hear about Kevin's job application to stack shelves at Sainsburys or whether Tracy has achieved this month's sales target in chocolate muns or, indeed, the outstanding merits of the latest American dwile-"onking unit.
Meanwhile Emily picked the muns because she wanted to challenge herself to make a gluten free creation using her favourite "avours.
Particularly, Meester and Muns studied the distribution of perturbation motion by "Phase-up" method as the prime condition; meanwhile, they used the probability theory to induce the condition of train's initial late [13]; Delorme et al.
A., Gibbens, C., Smith, A., Sullivan, L., & Muns, M.
Many students of the Indian School Ghubra (ISG) delegation have participated in MUNs held at schools in India.
In the study by Muns and coworkers, neutrophil oxidative burst in blood neutrophils of 24 OSA patients was evaluated [26].