MUNSHMemorial University of Newfoundland Scale of Happiness (psychology)
MUNSHMunitions Shelter Product
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The absolute value of the correlations of the four MUNSH subscale scores with each other ranged from 0.
The multivariate linear regression results for the total MUNSH happiness score are shown in Table 3.
Table 4 shows the results of the multivariate linear regression analyses for each of the four subscales of the MUNSH, only showing the independent variables that were statistically significant.
TABLE 1 Correlations Between MUNSH Total Life Satisfaction and Most Encouraging PMBCE Items Survey Item N M SD t Significance Teaching counselor education classes 107 4.
Correlation analyses were conducted to assess the relationships between the MUNSH and the factors of the PMBCE.
Analysis of the results of the MUNSH provided a measure of subjective well-being of counselor educators.
Furthermore, a comparison between the pretrip and post-trip scores of each of the 24 items of the MUNSH revealed statistically significant differences between only three of the items.
213 was recorded between the posttrip MUNSH total score for happiness and the number of activities reported on the trip.
Finally, the MUNSH was positively correclated with the RFS factors of Conversation (r =.
The finding that older adults were happier than younger adults is consistent with earlier research with the MUNSH for both clinical and community samples (Kozma and Stones 1988).
Respecto a su confiabilidad, el MUNSH ha sido evaluado en razon a su consistencia interna (usando el coeficiente alfa de Cronbach), asi como tambien en razon a su estabilidad temporal.
Ademas de las ventajas psicometricas del MUNSH y del hecho de estar construido especialmente para adultos mayores, su base teorica integra los dos componentes de la felicidad, hasta ese momento tipicamente separados referidos a afectos--positivos y negativos--y lo cognitivo (satisfaccion con la vida).