MUNSSMunitions Support Squadron
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Status of US nuclear weapons in Europe, 2008 Country Air Base Custodian Delivery Belgium Kleine 701st MUNSS(a) Belgian F-16s Germany Brogel German Buchel 702d MUNSS Tornadoes Holland Volkel 703d MUNSS Dutch F-16s Italy Aviano 31st Fighter Wing US F-16s Ghedi(b) 704th MUNSS Italian Tornadoes Turkey Incirlik(c) 39th Air Base Wing Rotational US aircraft from other wings UK Lakenheath 48th Fighter Wing US F-15Es Country Air Base Deployment W53 vaults Est.
60) "In many ways, a MUNSS presents challenges similar to those encountered by a mission support group commander.
AFPC, "CY 09 SQ/CC Information, MUNSS Eligibility Message," 21A/ M Assignments Page.