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(4) <N PREF CHOM II><R 1.29> Ic oelfric munuc awende [??]as boc of ledenum bocum I AElfric monk translated this book of Latin books to engliscum gereorde to English language 'I, monk AElfric, translated this book from Latin into English' (5) <CP (H) 22.11> (Ogura 1989: 14) Ic min ma[??] I my conceal 'I conceal myself' The inflectional paradigms of ic and [??]u are among the most allolexical of the language.
(26) <B COBEDE><R 5.110.16> Woes [??]es ilca ce[??]elbehrt Eormanrices sunu was this same Edelberth, Eormanric's son 'He was the aforementioned Edelberth, Eormanric's son' (27) <B COCHAD><R 76> Se ilca Owine wes munuc micelre geearnunge the same Owen was monk with great merit 'The aforementioned Owen was a monk of great merit' Both ilca and self appear emphatically with proper names, whereas personal pronouns require self, both in reflexive and emphatic use, as in (28) and (29):
10) Papa > arcebiseop > biscop > abbod > preost > munuc > nun.