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That standard may have shifted a little with cultural interests in recent years, Munz said.
Wood, 'The Historian in the Modern Community: George Arnold Wood Memorial Lecture, Sydney University, 19 Sep 1949', in Peter Munz (ed), The Feel of Truth (Wellington, 1969), p.266.
His primary mentor later was MieczysJaw Munz at the Juilliard School with whom he studied for 12 years.
Larissa Barber from Northern Illinois University along with Matthew Grawitch and David Munz from Saint Luis University conducted a sleep-hygiene study on 328 working individuals.
(b) Thelypteridaceae Macrothelypteris torresiana Macrothelypteris torresiana (Gaud.) Ching (Gaud.) Ching Thelypteris augescens (Link) Thelypteris augescens (Link) Munz & 1.
He wears a typical but spectacularly ornate munz (a silver decorative waist-chain with tassels to cover a Goan male child's modesty).
Rick Munz, IHP product manager at Regal, explores this motor option.
"All observation is theory laden" (Munz 1985: 5; Waldo 1952: 97; Hodgetts 1997; Guba 1990; Keynes 1936: 383).
Outro fator que pode ter contribuido para os surtos foi a aquisicao de animais de diferentes origens, sendo essa uma das formas mais comuns de introducao dos poxvirus em rebanhos (MUNZ & DUMBELL, 1994; CARGNELUTTI et al., 2012).
I replied with a Pushto quote "che shpa ye pa munz ke v da haghay balla na ma yaraiga" (don't be afraid of a monster to come next day).
McDonough e Munz (1994) encontraram, em amostra com 198 adultos, evidencia de que elevados niveis de bem-estar se associa a niveis mais profundos de participacao nos relacionamentos de amizade em termos de comunicacao e consideracao, ao passo que baixos niveis de bem-estar se associaram mais a funcao de companheirismo nas amizades estudadas.