MUOSMobile User Objective System
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"The addition of MUOS SATCOM capabilities in Harris' easily upgradeable software defined radios provides the Marines with more advanced capability to stay connected and execute their mission.
"MUOS' acceptance for operational use is an important milestone for the Navy, and it's one step closer for significant communications improvements for all our forces," Chebi noted.
"MUOS is bringing a game-changing technology to the joint warfighter," said Rear Adm.
Users with operational MUOS terminals will be able to connect beyond line-of-sight around the world and into the global information grid.
Users with operational MUOS terminals can seamlessly connect beyond line-of-sight around the globe.
Through this improved connectivity, MUOS will provide military radios with a secure version of what users would expect from commercial cellular service: mission voice, data and video on demand.
Program Cost Benefit B/CR ROI% 25 IDECM $82.2 $239 2.9:1 190.9% 38 NMT $188.1 $532.2 2.8:1 183.0% 45 VTUAV $261.5 $725.7 2.8:1 177.5% 41 SSC $441.3 $1,165.3 2.6:1 164.1% 37 MUOS $697.8 $1,709.2 2.4:1 144.9% 11 BAMS $1,305.2 $2,605.4 2.0:1 99.6% 16 E-2 D $1,774.7 $2,920.8 1.6:1 64.6% AHE No.
The construction of MUOS, an ultra-high frequency narrow-band satellite communication network, has been driving locals onto the streets for months now.
Subsequent phases of cooperation will see the MU code appearing on all EY flights to destinations not included on the Chinese carrierOs network, with EY planning to codeshare on MUOs domestic services beyond its SHA hub.
MUOS will transform the way the Department of Defense, especially the Army, uses the UHF spectrum to support military operations.
SATCOM technologies like the MUOS satellite will soon allow for enabled secure, mobile networked communications worldwide.