MUPAMixed Use Planning Area (count planning; California)
MUPAMulti Use Play Areas (playground facilities; UK)
MUPAMarquette University Parents Association (Milwaukee, WI)
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Thus, for being an effective teacher one would need to focus upon those practices which promote knowledge and skills to make learners a part of the society (Mupa and Chinooneka, 2015).
Isolates that exhibited phenotypic resistance to particular antimicrobial agents were tested for the presence of resistance genes (mecA, vanA, vanB, mupB, mupA, erm(A), erm(B), erm(C), msr(A), msr(B), tet(M), ant (4')-Ia, aac (6')-Ie/aph (2"), aph (3')-IIIa) using PCR.
The president of MUPA, Mr Samuel Abagi while differing with Senator Akume said their kinsmen were killed by militia herdsmen, stressing that they were in support of the ranching law of the state and the entire administration of Governor Ortom.
All 15 isolates screened were negative for the other antibiotic resistance genes, which correlated well with their susceptibility phenotypes: vancomycin (vanA and vanB genes), mupirocin (mupA, ileS), gentamicin (aac(6')-aph(2")), linezolid (cfr), tetracycline (tetA, tetB), and fusidic acid fusB, fusC, fusD).
PCR-based detection of PVL (23), TSST (24), ACME (25), and mupA (26) was performed on all isolates as described.
JPMorgan Securities LLC (NYSE:JPM) advised FedEx on this deal.Country: , MexicoSector: Road Transport/Freight TransportTarget: Servicios Nacionales Mupa SA de CV (MultiPack)Buyer: FedEx CorporationType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: ClosedBuyer advisor: JPMorgan Securities LLC
A chromosomal location of the mupA gene in Staphylococcus aureus expressing high-level mupirocin resistance.