MUPIMobilier Urbain pour l'Information (French: Urban Furniture Information)
MUPIMonmouth University Polling Institute
MUPIMulti-Photon Ionization
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Dubai 500 mupis; 472 lampposts; 23 megacoms; tram wrap, station wrap and bridges for Tram Marina; 8 unipoles.
Peasant Rebellion in Chalatenango, El Salvador (Londres, Inglaterra: Latin American Bureau, 1986); Francisco Metzi, Por los caminos de Chalatenango: con la salud en la mochila (San Salvador, El Salvador: UCA Editores, 1988); Lucio Vasquez, Siete gorriones (San Salvador, El Salvador: MUPI, 2012).
Otra finalidad estriba en potenciar el significado del acronimo MUPI ya que se vuelven objetos de esta accion cualquier anuncio publicitario, sea cual fuere su contenido, a exception de los que contengan information util para los viandantes (mapas de la zona, metro, etc.) (Figura 1).
The opinion provided no discussion of how the structure of the MUPI program might affect a court's determination of Government ownership or exclusive possession of such housing areas on the installation.
Main features: this consultation concerns the provision of supply, installation, maintenance, maintenance for urban furniture for information (mupi).
By simply pairing their mobile to the camera installed in the mupi, they could get a picture taken, get it sent to their phone and then share it on social media.
This contract concerns: - the provision, installation, operation, maintenance and maintenance of passenger shelters with advertising displays, and with metropolitan display in the communes of rouen, grand-quevilly and saint-etienne -du-rouvray.- the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the advertising boxes, mupi (including display for the rouen normandy metropolis) and the boxes of signs on banners and barriers of the network teor t4 (property of the mtropole) - cleaning the shelters and maintenance of the windows of the teor t4 network~s passenger shelters (excluding lighting equipment, sound, video, ticketing) and adjoining gateson rouen territory, le grand quevilly, le petit quevilly, saint etienne rouvray, sotteville rouen and petit couronne
Tenders are invited for Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Maintenance and advertising exploitation, By concession, Of bus stops for public transport stops and exempt information carriers (mupi & S)
the provision, installation, maintenance, maintenance and operation of furniture 17 (15 Urban furniture Mupi kind or planimeters, 2 educational radars located) on public property, in exchange for advertising revenue affixed to said movable mobiliers.Les will be designed to receive advertising, including revenues from operations are intended to finance the provision of household services as provided in Article 2.1.The holder will receive directly and on behalf of the revenue in the advertising operations managed media for its own account set out in Article 2.1.
This is the provision, installation, maintenance, maintenance and operation of 26 street furniture (20 Movable Type or MUPI planimeters, 3 electronic newspapers and 3 bus shelters) located on public land, in exchange for advertising revenue affixed on the said furniture,
Tenders are invited for provision of printing and distribution services for hand programs, posters, canvas, showcases and mupis of the direct management municipal theaters