MUPPIEMiddle Aged Urban Professional
MUPPIEMultimedia Urban People Pushing Internet Economy :-)
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No one, not even a Muppie, wants to type in long URLs or detailed messages on Internet-enabled cell phones.
Lifestyle segmentation has proven fruitful in tracing the heterogeneity of the older marketplace; however, most research has focused on younger, more affluent sets of older people and produced such segment branding as Suppies (Senior Urban Professionals), Gumpies (Grown Up Mature People), Muppies (Mature Upscale Post-Professionals), and Opals (Older People, Active Lifestyle).
Tenders are invited for supply, production and delivery of the following elements of outdoor advertising: bus shelters, muppies, columns, signage in madrid~~s metro network, press kiosks and train stations and commuter trains, for communication campaigns in madrid.