MUPSMedically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (healthcare; aka Medically Unexplained Symptoms)
MUPSMultiple Unit Pellet System (pharmaceutical)
MUPSMemorial University Pharmacy Students (Canada)
MUPSMcGill University Photography Society (Canada)
MUPSMontgomery Unified Prevention System (formerly Montgomery Community Support Coalition; Montgomery, AL)
MUPSMandatory Universal Pension System (various organizations)
MUPSMicroline UNIX Printing System (software)
MUPSMomentum Unloading Propulsion System
MUPSMarquette University Players Society
MUPSMissing and Unidentified Persons System (California)
MUPSManchester University Pharmacy Society (UK)
MUPSMade-Up Pseudo-Sibling
MUPSMiddle and Upper School (multiple locations)
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Twenty-two undergraduate students and three graduate students from MU operated MUPS fixed instruments.
We greatly appreciate the participation of a large number of students, volunteers, facilities managers, and staff for MIPS, MUPS, DOWs, and UWKA, and weather forecasters from the Buffalo and Binghamton NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices.
Time series of MUPS observations of (top) latent and (bottom) sensible heat flux.
ID Platform Owner/operator A UWKA NSF facility, UW B Wyoming Cloud Radar NSF facility, UW C Wyoming Cloud Lidar NSF facility, UW D DOW 6 and DOW 7 NSF facility, CSWR E DOW 8 (rapid scan) NSF facility, CSWR F MUPS (wide range of observations) MU G MIPS (wide range of observations) UAH H Radiosonde sounding systems HWS, MU, SUNY-O, UIUC, UU I iMet rawinsonde/anasphere liquid NCAR/RAL, NASA water sonde J Hydrometeor videosonde UU (HYVIS) snow crystal camera K MRRs (4) UU, SUNY-A L North Redfield Snow Study UU Station (meteorological variables, snow depth, camera) M Sandy Creek Snow Study Station UU (meteorological variables, snow depth, camera) N UW Hotplate (snowfall) UW O Mobile surface snow observations SUNY-O P CSWR weather Pod CSWR ID Location Reference A Mobile www.
A proposed classification, medically unexplained symptoms spectrum disorder, attempts to categorize patients with MUPS based on severity and duration of symptoms, as well as medical and/or psychiatric comorbidities (Table).
Young women (age 16 to 25) are more likely to receive an MUPS diagnosis than men or older individuals.
Several studies have shown an association with childhood parental ill health and development of MUPS, but the exact nature of "ill health" was not clearly defined.
Approximately 60% of patients with MUPS have a comorbid non-somatoform DSM-IV-TR diagnosis.
The estimated prevalence of somatoform disorder in patients with MUPS is approximately 4%, which is higher than in the general population (.
Treatment studies should be implemented to evaluate antidepressant medication, CBT, and a stepped-care program for MUPS.
By integrating the MUPS Graphical Client with 1MAGE, the users' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts will be greatly enhanced resulting in a more efficient operation," stated David DeYoung, president of 1mage.