MUPSMedically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (healthcare; aka Medically Unexplained Symptoms)
MUPSMultiple Unit Pellet System (pharmaceutical)
MUPSMemorial University Pharmacy Students (Canada)
MUPSMcGill University Photography Society (Canada)
MUPSMontgomery Unified Prevention System (formerly Montgomery Community Support Coalition; Montgomery, AL)
MUPSMandatory Universal Pension System (various organizations)
MUPSMicroline UNIX Printing System (software)
MUPSMarquette University Players Society
MUPSMomentum Unloading Propulsion System
MUPSMissing and Unidentified Persons System (California)
MUPSManchester University Pharmacy Society (UK)
MUPSMade-Up Pseudo-Sibling
MUPSMiddle and Upper School (multiple locations)
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Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has expressed gratitude to President Duterte's support to the military, which latest proof was the implementation of increase in the pension of Military and Uniformed Personnel (MUP).
It is best, therefore, to express our gratitude to the President by urging all MUPs to be honest in their jobs, frugal in spending public funds and being true to their oath of office.
Lacson on Thursday expressed thanks on behalf of 220,000 military and uniformed personnel (MUP) retirees, after the Department of Budget and Management finally cleared the way for the hike in their pension.
The resolution, however, also provided that the suspension of the indexation to the current base pay scale for MUPs would be lifted come January 1, 2019, or if a pension reform law is already implemented.
MUPS and Total Football will now be representing their cities in the Leisure Leagues National Championship, which will feature nearly 70 cities from throughout the country.
In repeated EMG, denervation potentials were observed in bilateral muscles of the upper extremities and left TA, chronic neurogenic MUP changes and loss of MUPs were seen in the same muscles and in other muscles of the lower extremities.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Honasan said the increase in the base pay of MUPs, the last of which was implemented eight years ago, would serve as a motivation for those in active service to perform better and be more committed to the service.
11-2830, 3108 ("Astra intended to launch Losec MUPS before generic omeprazole products entered the market in large volumes and drove prices down to lower levels.").
Blended care; development of a day treatment program for medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) in the Dutch Armed Forces.
We suggest reaching a consensus to establish diagnostic and care protocols for patients with MUPS. It is essential for the scientific community to reach an agreement about the best diagnostic tool for patients with MUS, in order to make treatment decisions and control unnecessary costs.
In the United States, the federal government indicates regions or groups in need of priority access to certain health care resources by designating them medically underserved areas or populations (MUAs or MUPs, respectively).