MUPUM und P Unternehmensberatung (German: M and P Management Consultancy; campground and marina management company)
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Thomas, failed lawyer and bookstore assistant (Redekop has a law degree and is a librarian in Manitoba), is on the run, pursued by police and media for some unspoken and unspeakable crime against Munroe Purvis, an American talk-show host who promotes and, through his company MuPu, publishes very short, very bad and very conservative novels for a very big profit.
This intermingling of life and literature, hitherto lightsomely expressed, lies at the centre of the narrative, the fulcrum of which is the successful disruption of the appearance at the store of MuPu's star author, the hapless Agnes Coleman, author of the best-selling My Baby, My Love, a work described in the New York Times as "almost staggeringly idiotic." After the revelations this provokes, events take on a darker hue and the issues of value, judgement and responsibility that Redekop has been scratching at throughout the book take on a larger dimension: initially, he has dwelt on questions like "what makes a good writer?" and "do you think we're snobs?," but these are now subsumed into a larger argument when Aubrey assembles the shelf monkeys to declare a fatwa on bad writing.