MUQMulti-Unit Questions
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Benzing's Chwaresmischer Wortindex (Wiesbaden, 1983), which includes all the lexical elements housed in the Muq., the most urgent desideratum in the field of Choresmian philology has been a reliable edition of the Choresmian material contained in the Qunya.
The next task to be undertaken is the elucidation of the grammatical and phonological structures of the Choresmian language based on the Muq. and the Qunya.
gave) (him) to pull it' (Muq. 365.7), one may be entitled to equate f 3 with this preposition.
The sessions court in Lahore had issued a verdict on the petition filed by MuQ, ordering the provincial government to have the case registered on the complaint of Minhajul Quran.
According to Media reports, MuQ had filed an application with the LHC pleading that MuQ is a welfare organization and, therefore, it was given an exemption from paying any tax in 1982.
However, in order to victimize MuQ the present government sent a notice on July 9 for recovery of tax.
He said that the names of 21 nominated by Minhajul Quran (MuQ) in its application to the police should be put on Exit Control List (ECL) so that they could not flee.
Citing this as yet another example of the muq muqa politics practiced by Maulana Fazlur Rehman and the PML N, he asked "what benefit will this resolution be to the people of Pakistan who have seen over 40,000 of their fellow citizens dead in this US-led 'war on terror' as well as faced the loss of $50b in the last four years and seen FDI dry up?" Imran Khan also demanded to know what had happened to the principle of "give peace a chance" which was the central part of the APC Resolution passed unanimously by all the mainstream political parties of the country.
Imran called it the worst kind of horse trading and "muq muqa", once again proving that the main opposition party, the PML-N continues to play out the farce of being an Opposition in the Centre whereas in reality it was bolstering the wrongdoings of the government so that both could have a share in the corrupt power structures prevailing at present.