MuRFMultiple Resonance Filter Array (sound equipment component)
MuRFMinority Undergraduate Research Fellowships (California Institute of Technology)
MuRFMulti-Use Recreational Facility (Canada)
MuRFMaxicircle Unidentified Reading Frame (genetics)
MuRFMateriel Utilization Reference File
MuRFMulti-Unit Receptive Field (neuroscience)
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All the best at your new club ( MURF, North Shields.
PADDY MURF, one of four Maggie Lucas-trained runners in the race, can take the pounds 400 to-the-winner Highwayman Memorial Trophy final over 575m at Romford tonight, writes Jim Austin.
These computer-based products and systems include the PC-DART digital dictation family of products being sold to the legal, medical and general business dictation markets in the USA, Canada and the UK through a large and rapidly growing dealer network, the digital MURF (multiple unit recording facility) as recently installed in the Canadian House of Commons and COURTROOM-DART, a derivative of MURF, now being installed in a U.