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"Single-serve is definitely over-shelved," Murn says.
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT) (NYSE:WRE), on Monday named Edward J Murn IV as managing director and head of its Residential Division.
Ne murn dhu for dhi mece; dhe weardh madhma cyst gifedhe to geoce, mid dhy dhu Gudhhere scealt beot forbigan.
Allison Murn, vice president of marketing with Cameron's Coffee, Shakopee, Minn., notes that since tea is newer to the single-cup market, it has been difficult for suppliers to replicate the traditional tea-steeping process -- which takes several minutes -- with single-cup products.
(See the appreciation for Phyllis Murn in the adjacent box.) We are also exploring an endowment fund that will allow planned giving and estate bequests.
He and Carole would often go across on the ferry from Largs to visit their grandmother, known to the family as Murn, who their island is named after.
Charles Murn's new collection, The Best of The Humanist: Humanist Philosophy 1928-1973, is a great resource for all humanists.
Other characters are based on their own relatives, while the action takes place on Firth of Clyde island Cumbrae - renamed Auchinmurn as a tribute to their granny Murn.
As one of those "cis straight white men" Charles Murn speaks of in the same issue ("White Privilege and Humanist Leadership"), I will likely never feel the sharp stiletto of discrimination and marginalization pierce me.
I'm especially grateful to these five women, and to many other people (including Charles Murn and Greg Epstein writing herein) who've openly discussed our publication of the articles and the wider issues of white privilege in the humanist/secular movement.