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In this study we investigate the aggregative response of Common Murres (Uria aalge) and Thick-billed Murres (Uria lomvia) to capelin (Mallotus villosus), from a data set collected on a cruise in the Barents Sea during February and March 1993 (see Plate 1).
Observers on salmon boats in 1994 saw only one murrelet entangled but recorded 3,500 other birds snared, mostly common murres and rhinoceros auklets.
For murre eggs, the CFv-n calculated using our equation (16.0 eggs/gallon) (4.0 eggs/L) was half of that estimated by Burch (1985) (32 eggs/gallon) (8.4 eggs/L).
The general traffic moving across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi would be turned from Mazile chowk to Khanna pul, Lehtrar Road, Taramri chowk, Park Road, Rawal Dam chowk and right side Murre Road Kashimir Highway, and left side from Kashmir chowk for Kashmir Highway and Islamabad.
But as The Register-Guard's Winston Ross reported, the peaceful murres recently have been disturbed by a surprising interloper: the bald eagle.
Almost forty years later, this vision was extended to Europe with the opening of Disneyland Park on April 12, 1992 followed by Walt Disney Studios Park on March 16, 2002," Murre noted .
Finally, such a behavioral account sits well with recent biological research on the plasticity of brain function and the importance of context (e.g., Robertson & Murre, 1999).
In this study, we examine the relationship between egg size and posthatching growth in the Thick-billed Murre. To disengage any possible relationship between egg size and parental attributes, we randomly switched eggs among pairs, and then measured growth in mass and wing length of chicks from hatching until nest departure.
Only two studies have compared a ganzfeld condition with a nonASC control condition (Murre et al., 1988; Palmer et al., 1980) and, in both studies, scoring in the two conditions did not differ significantly from each other.
If [N.sub.W] is the effective population size of breeding groups (number of females, in which breeding groups at murre colonies are considered to be cliff ledges), [m.sub.W] is the migration rate among breeding groups within a subpopulation (proportion of females migrating), [N.sub.A] is the effective size of subpopulations, and [m.sub.A] is the migration rate among subpopulations, then [G.sub.W] = 1 / (2[N.sub.W][m.sub.W] + 1), and [G.sub.A] = 1 / (2[N.sub.A][m.sub.A] + 1) (adapted from Birky et al.
A spokesman of MCR told reporter on Saturday that under the supervision of Chief Officer Syed Shafqat Raza, the teams of MCR conducted operation in Sabzi Mandi, Bohar Bazar, Iqbal Road, Barha Market, Sadiqabad, Murre Road, Ganj Mandi, Nankari Bazaar and removed illegal sheds, cemented constructions, banners, cleared footpaths, pillars occupied by the vendors. (containing 1,550,802 words), and the corpus of Literary Estonian ( excerpted in 1890 (384,000 words), 1930 (369,000 words), 1960 (333,000 words), and 1990 (995,000 words).