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In this study, 44 common murres (Uria aalge) and 6 Western grebes (Aechmophorus occidentalis), naturally oiled by oceanic seeps off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, CA, USA, were assigned to 1 of 4 groups fed diets with varying levels (6.
For murre eggs, the CFv-n calculated using our equation (16.
The general traffic moving across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi would be turned from Mazile chowk to Khanna pul, Lehtrar Road, Taramri chowk, Park Road, Rawal Dam chowk and right side Murre Road Kashimir Highway, and left side from Kashmir chowk for Kashmir Highway and Islamabad.
Each evening, they served us an unforgettable Newfoundland specialty - seal flipper pie, deep-fried cod tongues, snowshoe hare stew, cold-smoked Arctic char, bake apple (a very seedy boreal forest fruit) and turr, better known outside Newfoundland as murre - a seabird, much like a puffin, rather fishy in flavor like a merganser, high in omega fatty acids and very good for the heart.
Mirza (2007) reported the species as a resident of Swat, southern Kaghan and Murre Hills.
His picture of the Brunnich's Murre, a thick-billed sea bird, looks flat and stiff--not unlike his human subjects--because he painted from a specimen that had been sent to him packed in ice.
Mal Levin and Aleksandra Murre (Tallinn: Eesti Kunstimuuseum, 2006), 82-124.
We analyzed avian egg control (QC04-ERM1: common murre, Uria aalge, and thick-billed murre, Uria lomvia; National Institute of Standards and Technology, Charleston, SC, USA), finding concentrations within 60% of the reference values for all POP compounds (Vander Pol et al.
Seen from left are Sunshine Tours, group chief executive Hisham Al Baradie, GM Abraham John, tour consultant Bindu Saaj and founder and group chairman, Jamil Wafa with Norbert Stiekema, Sr VP for Disneyland Paris, Jean Marc Murre, director, international sales and Ginger Taggar, director, international markets.
An amazing array of birds: pigeon guillemot, pelogic cormorant, tufted puffin, horned puffin, common murre, Kittlitz's murrelet, eagles, seagulls and more.