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MUSALMurdoch University Surface Analysis Laboratories (Australia)
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Musal, B., Taskiran, C., Gursel, Y., Ozan, S., Timbil, S., & Velipasaoglu, S.
Increased numbers of mitotic figures are present in most malignant smooth muscle tumors of domestic animals (COOPER & VALENTINE, 2002), and have been observed in reports of genital malignant growths of cattle (ANDERSON & SANDISON, 1969; MUSAL et al., 2007; AVCI et al., 2010) and goats (WHITNEY et al., 2000).
Camera (color, DV), Mathias Kalin, Pio Coraddi; editors, Huser, Lila Place; music, Peter Scherer; sound (Dolby), Wojtek Mrozek, Dieter Meyer; sound designer, Kamal Musal. Reviewed at Vancouver Film Festival, Oct.
Cross-references in etymologies are often of the form root + suffix, for example Musal...[f.
Contract notice: Project management assistance for the design and implementation of a consultation and communication system as part of the renovation definition of the pole musal beauvoisine & Quot;
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