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MUSARMichigan Urban Search and Rescue
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We started with the MUSAR JEUNE RED 2016 (PS13.99, Fine Wines Direct UK, Penarth Road, Cardiff).
Within this context the nominal term musar refers to the content of wisdom while its verbal conjugations point to the means of attaining or imbuing this content.
As for the wines from other countries in the region--Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus--it is unlikely that any of them (other than Chateau Musar) will attain a meaningful segment of the North American market in the near future, but they will undoubtedly become more visible here.
Following an overview of Reconstructionist principles that embrace diversity of practice, and addressing those who seek to be grounded in Jewish thought and custom rather than bound by halakha (Jewish law), he discusses prayer, Torah study, the musar movement, the ethics of speech, family and sexual ethics, gender identity, community, and bioethics.
The tapas includes classics such as Lebanon's Chateau Musar and New Zealand's Cloudy Bay Te Koko.
Just as one remains a Musarnik even after one marls to the secular way of rife because once you've been exposed to Musar it invades the marrow of your bones and stays there forever so one does not stop being a poet even after one ceases to write poetry, which I've never stopped doing...
The Musar movement was a nineteenth-century Jewish pietistic movement focused on the cultivation of moral virtue.
We enjoyed the Beaujolais selection and it was the first time tasting together for a long while, the previous time it was Chateau Musar, the iconic wine of Lebanon.
THE SOURCE: "The American Jewish Revival of Musar" by Geoffrey Claussen, in The Hedgehog Review, Summer 2010.
From the fantastic winery in the Bekaa Valley run by the Hochar family that has given us the cult red Chteau Musar. It also has a Chteau Musar white which is chock full of citrus fruits but leaves a rich, generous finish.
There will be refreshments served after the show including a Lebanese wine, Chateau Musar, generously donated by Broadbent Selections.