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MUSASHIMonoenergetic Ultra-Slow Antiproton Source for High-precision Investigation (MRT and transport beam line)
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Written by legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, The Five Rings (c.
Musashi spent the majority of his life after this wandering Japan developing his own distinctive sword style, often staying as a guest and sword teacher to a lord before moving on again.
Two minutes before the break, Musashi Suzuki missed an open chance from close range as he miscued Takumi Minamino's fine pass.
Power Corp Co Ltd with its leading brand ProFlex Whey ++ and Thai Sports Supplements Co Ltd with its brands of Musashi Bulk, Musashi WPI and Musashi WPC were amongst the other leading players.
Their Musashi swords have been named among the best value and the best choice for collectors and practitioners, and the company is constantly introducing new products including officially licensed movie and television show replicas.
Unlike the Book of Five Rings by his contemporary and lay Zen practitioner Miyamoto Musashi [1584-1645], which was a manual of practical instruction, Takuan emphasized the philosophical notion of abandoning attachments as the key to success in both martial arts and spiritual development, although some passages in Musashi's work are similar in this regard.
Manila: The governor of a Central Philippines province, where the sunken wreck of the Japanese battleship Musashi was recently found, lamented not being informed of the historically significant find.
MANILA (TAP) - Paul Allen, the joint-founder of Microsoft, has announced the discovery of Japan 's World War II Musashi battleship.
3 February 2014 - US food company Post Holdings Inc (NYSE:POST) said on Monday it had entered into an agreement to buy the PowerBar and Musashi brands of sports nutrition bars and supplements from Swiss Nestle SA (VTX:NESN).
Yokokawa (economics, Musashi University, Japan), Ghosh (economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India), and Rowthorn (economics, King's College, UK) aim to provide new points of view on Asian dynamism, situating recent economic expansion within an analysis of capitalist accumulation and its ramifications.
After overcoming significant technical problems with Mark 13 guidance systems, the USN achieved some remarkable successes with air-launched torpedoes, most notably in sinking the carrier Shoho and super battleships Musashi and Yamato.
The day before, more than two-dozen warships under the command of Takeo Kurita had been attacked in the Sibuyan Sea by Navy pilots, who not only scored hits on most of the ships but disabled the heavy cruiser Myoko and sent the superbattleship Musashi to the bottom.