MUSCLMinistries United South Central Louisville (Louisville, KY)
MUSCLMonotonic Upwind Scheme for Conservation Laws
MUSCLMulti-Sensory Computing Laboratory (Colorado State University, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)
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Dervieux, "A low-diffusion MUSCL scheme for LES on unstructured grids," Computers & Fluids, vol.
In Figure 3, whether for WENO method or for MUSCL method, the results obtained are in good agreement with those obtained by the theoretical solution, and there is no any oscillatory phenomenon.
As shown in Figure 4, the calculating result of WENO method for the Osher problem is obviously better than that of MUSCL method.
SMART, Koren, and MUSCL are bounded standard high-order schemes such as QUICK, third-order upwind scheme, and Fromm's scheme.
As expected, when compared to unstable results from unbounded SOU, TOU, CD, and Fromm scheme, the corresponding bounded TVD schemes Minmod, Koren, and MUSCL produce stable and more accurate results.
Limiter Limiter function Property name Minmod max [0, min (r, 1)] Lower bound of second-order TVD region [48], bounded central-difference, and second-order upwind scheme Superbee max [0, min (2r, 1), Upper bound of second-order min (r, 2)] TVD region [48] Harmonic r + [absolute value Symmetric polynomial-ratio of (r)]/[absolute scheme value of (r)] + 1 OSPRE 3r(r + Symmetric polynomial-ratio 1)/2([r.sup.2] + r + scheme 1) Van Albada r(r + 1)/([r.sup.2] Symmetric polynomial-ratio + 1) scheme SMART max [0, min (2r, 3/4 Bounded QUICK scheme r + 1/4, 2)] Koren max [0, min (2r, 2/3 Bounded third-order upwind r + 1/3, 2)] scheme MUSCL max [0, min (2r, r + Bounded Fromm's scheme 1/2, 2)] TABLE 3: Order of accuracy for the TVD scheme.
"The Rough and Tumble of It: Hospitals Flexing Their Muscles in Contract Disputes with Insurers." Modern Healthcare; special report, March 19.
However, the myasthenic patient may experience a sudden worsening of symptoms in the intercostal and diaphragmatic muscles (12) during drug treatment, causing a real emergency: myasthenic crisis (decreased stimulation of AchR), which may require oro-tracheal intubation for survival.
Vital parameters were good at baseline, with oxygen saturation at about 93-95% if the patient was connected to the respirator, but his clinical evaluation revealed an incapacity of the respiratory muscles to maintain autonomous breathing, even for short intervals.
In particular, we tried to focus on the muscles of the trunk and proximal upper limb districts, as the patient was unable to autonomously expand his chest muscles to breathe if not with the ventilator.
Most values were toward the low end of the range; the highest concentrations were in adductor muscles of scallops (Placopecten megallanicus) and oysters (C.