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MUSCLEMulti User Server Client Linking Environment
MUSCLEMovement for the Use of Smart Cards in a Linux Environment (smart card research)
MUSCLEMultiple Sequence Comparison by Log-Expectation (bioinformatics software)
MUSCLEMillions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere (miniature figures sold by Mattel in the 1980s)
MUSCLEMulti User Server Client Linking Environment (networking application programming interface)
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But steadfastly it kept on its way, strangely ignoring the cravings of appetite that at another time would have sent the rolling, fur-clad muscles flying at some soft throat.
Take any muscle you want, tense it, then manipulate it with your fingers, so, and so."
The muscles stood out upon his giant forearm as he gripped the stock of his bull whip.
He expressed himself with his hands, at his work, and with his body and the play of his muscles in the squared ring; but to tell with his own lips the charm of the squared ring was beyond him.
These muscles were made to grip, and tear, and destroy living things that get between me and life.
The chest was deep, it is true, cavernously deep; but there were no full-swelling muscles, no wide-spreading shoulders, no clean-limbed straightness, no generous symmetry of outline.
I should have to give up my place in time, for fear of doing my muscles an injury."
But however keen the senses of the ape-man, however swift his progress through the wild country of his adoption, however mighty the muscles that bore him, he was still mortal.
The muscles of both hind- and fore-legs were not very thick; but across her shoulders the mare was exceptionally broad, a peculiarity specially striking now that she was lean from training.
When they could give no more an Honest Man came along and by a single small payment obtained a judgment and took the Piano home, where his daughter used it to develop her biceps muscles, becoming a famous pugiliste.
He shifted his feet slightly, tautened his muscles with a tentative pull, then relaxed again, questing for a perfect adjustment of all the levers of his body.
Instantly my brain cleared and there swept back across the threshold of my memory the vivid picture of the horrors of that ghostly Arizona cave; again, as on that far-gone night, my muscles refused to respond to my will and again, as though even here upon the banks of the placid Hudson, I could hear the awful moans and rustling of the fearsome thing which had lurked and threatened me from the dark recesses of the cave, I made the same mighty and superhuman effort to break the bonds of the strange anaesthesia which held me, and again came the sharp click as of the sudden parting of a taut wire, and I stood naked and free beside the staring, lifeless thing that had so recently pulsed with the warm, red life-blood of John Carter.