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MUSENMeinem Unmaßgeblichem Sprachempfinden Nach
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Der altesten aber, Kalliope, und ihrer nachstfolgenden Schwester Urania, die vornehmlich unter den Musen uber den Himmel und uber gottliche und menschliche Reden gesetzt sind und die schonsten Tone von sich geben, verkundigen sie die, welche philosophisch leben und ihre Art der Musik ehren (Phdr., 259d3-8).
For example Musen and Squire (1993) report a similar experiment where participants practiced responding to small set of consistently mapped incongruent items.
Musen et al., "Altered prefrontal glutamate-glutamine-[gamma]-aminobutyric acid levels and relation to low cognitive performance and depressive symptoms in type 1 diabetes mellitus," Archives of General Psychiatry, vol.
The Guillotines capture the Herders' leader, Wolf (Huang Xiaoming, "The Message"), but he manages to escape and even makes off with Gong'e's daughter, Musen (pop idol Lee Yuchun).
(24.) Meric F, Bernstam EV, Mirza NQ, Hunt KK, Ames FC, Ross MI, Kuerer HM, Pollock RE, Musen MA, Singletary E.
In this sense, the prosocial behavior has been investigated as an interaction pattern with a particular influence on the development for involving voluntary actions from which children seek to help or beneficiate another subject or social groups as Eisenberg and Musen (1989) explain.
Supekar, K., Menon, V., Rubin, D., Musen, M., & Greicius, M.
"The Knowledge Explorer offers rapid, agile, data integration, resulting in well formed data sets using the World Wide Web Consortium standard for interoperability," said Mark Musen, principal investigator of the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO).
[15] Jonquet, Clement., Musen, Mark., A, Shah, Nigam (2008).A System for Ontology-Based Annotation of Biomedical Data.
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