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MUSESMulti Service Electro-Optics Signature
MUSESMaterials Use: Science, Engineering and Society
MUSESMu Space Engineering Satellite
MUSESMovement of Underrepresented Sisters in Engineering and Science (est. 1999; University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI)
MUSESMulti-Service Electro-Optics Signature
MUSESMoi University School of Environmental Studies (Netherlands)
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The poem closes with an invocation of the Muses to sing of the `tribe of women'.
"Theogony" 963 ff.) with some such passage as this: `But now, ye Muses, sing of the tribes of women with whom the Sons of Heaven were joined in love, women pre-eminent above their fellows in beauty, such as was Niobe (?).' Each succeeding heroine was then introduced by the formula `Or such as was...' (cp.
Why, yes, I said, of course they answer truly; how can the Muses speak falsely?
And they are miserly because they have no means of openly acquiring the money which they prize; they will spend that which is another man's on the gratification of their desires, stealing their pleasures and running away like children from the law, their father: they have been schooled not by gentle influences but by force, for they have neglected her who is the true Muse, the companion of reason and philosophy, and have honoured gymnastic more than music.
Recount, O Muse, the names of those who fell on this fatal day.
Upon which, forgetting the sex of Goody Brown, or perhaps not knowing it in his rage--for, in reality, she had no feminine appearance but a petticoat, which he might not observe--he gave her a lash or two with his horsewhip; and then flying at the mob, who were all accused by Moll, he dealt his blows so profusely on all sides, that unless I would again invoke the muse (which the good-natured reader may think a little too hard upon her, as she hath so lately been violently sweated), it would be impossible for me to recount the horse-whipping of that day.
The 53-year-old multi-awarded actress was Magnolia's muse in the opener for the 2019 PBA season and was diligently met with mixed reactions on social media.
Most notable of the pack is former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Megastar Sharon Cuneta who will serve as muses for the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings and Magnolia Hotshots, respectively.
The Blackwater Elite will be parading two muses in Michelle Gumabao of Creamline and Olympian swimmer Jasmine Alkhaldi
The book is filled with beautiful photography and minimal text, guided by the Greek concept of muses that are meant to serve as design inspiration.
(4) The Muses take over an ordinary man and transform him into a poet by a process of inspiration, that is (as Baxter explains it) 'literally a breathing-in of divine power', (5) The implications of this view of poetry are spelt out by Plato: it is a 'form of possession or madness, of which the Muses are the source.