MUSGMarquette University Student Government (Milwaukee, WI)
MUSGMadison University Student Grotto (James Madison University; Virginia)
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For one thing, Holmes is not quite the solitary figure the reader is presented in the beginning and Watson mentions his "many acquaintances" (STUD: 12): he could not practice his unique trade outside society and it has been remarked on the detective's "democratic" contact with all layers of society, from the lowest, from whose ranks he not only finds his clients, but also hires his informers (the street urchins in SIGN) and collaborators (the crowd in SCAN, the former fist fighter and the dog trainer in SIGN etc.), to the highest, including aristocracy and royalty (SCAN; MUSG; NOBL; LADY etc.) and any members of the middle class in between, plus the brave and not very brainy representatives of the police force.
His manner is also described as "methodical" by Watson: "in his methods of thought he was the neatest and most methodical of mankind" (MUSG 329) and by himself: "I am a methodical man, you see," he tells a client (SIXN: 514).
Dorien Musg, using the concept of power geometry, studies this significant phenomenon.