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MUSHMulti User Shared Hallucination
MUSHMunicipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals
MUSHMulti User Shared Hallucination (see MUD)
MUSHMid-Union Sled Haulers (est. 1980)
MUSHMulti-User Shared Habitat (online role-playing)
MUSHMalamutes Unsettled Seeking Homes (California)
MUSHMangy Unwanted Shabby Heroes (cartoon parody of the M*A*S*H TV show)
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The bearable is popular Koh essential to border, such certain "My biggest concern is the steep hill we are on turns to mush as we have had torrential downpour for two days" Keith Powell
Recent studies of magma chemistry have challenged this view, leading to the suggestion of the mush reservoir model, where smaller pools of magma sit in the small gaps between solid crystals.
Over the last couple of months Mush has been wooing the Milli Muslim League, Jamaat Ud Dawa, Lashkar-e-Taiba - take your pick - by underscoring how he's a fan of LeT.
Mush was born when Katie and Sarah struck up conversation in a rainy London playground, both with two small children.
While on kadak pitaji, that vital accessory every Bollywood piece of mush must have is loyally maintained.
As soon as they attempted to translate these big ideas into reality, what we had was a kind of mush."
Washington, June 30 (ANI): 'Pretty Woman' star Julia Roberts is taking sewing classes and piano lessons to stop her brain from turning "to mush" as she gets older.
MUSH MIR can clock up a fourtimer in the Membership of Southwell Golf Club Handicap at the Nottinghamshire venue.
The former President declared the chairman PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) as the best politician over character standing, and was only against him (Mush) for being refused the promised seats in 2002 elections.
Department of Energy considered a plan to house nuclear waste in the state's Sandy Mush community.