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MUSICAMMasking Pattern Adapted Universal Sub-Band Integrated Coding and Multiplexing
MUSICAMMasking-pattern Adapted Universal Subband Integrated Coding and Multiplexing
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-- Computes audio bouquets coming from up to 8 live radio signals or up to 50 MPEG1/2 Musicam files.
in ecclesiis maiores de choro: ut plurimum grammaticam satis: alias etiam plurimas scientias noverunt: musicam autem parum didicerunt.
We do, however, find 'meum commentum super musicam' and also 'tractatus meus de musica emnem doctrinam [underscored in the manuscript]'.
The prototype system uses MUSICAM source coding and a new form of channel coding called Coded Polyvector Digital Modulation.
(64) `so Musicam verstehen muBen' (Entwurff, p.60); others (`so keine music verstehen') were needed for the fourth choir.
The Leipzig publishers issued revised editions of classic sixteenth-century texts such as Heinrich Faber's Ad musicam practicam introductio (1550) as well as new guides for the seventeenth century by local musicians such as Nikolaus Gengenbach, Christoph Schultze, and Ambrosius Profe.
/ Vt dicunt, / Quae Octonis, Denis, & Duodenis vocibus concinuntur, / iuxta formam Concilij Tridentini, itemque Ca- / nones, & caetera, id genus, ad Musicam / spectantia varijs vocibus, nuper / in lucem aedicta.